Greater Richmond GATE is a powerful opportunity to help all Workforce Investment Act eligible adults, dislocated workers and veterans start businesses in the Greater Richmond Region. The project operates under the Virginia Employment through Entrepreneurship Consortium (VETEC). The region has a wealth of entrepreneurial opportunities, and Greater Richmond GATE has all the right ingredients for success.

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Business principles 101: Collect delinquent accounts with candy, not a club

Accounts receivables are both a blessing and a curse for a business. As a blessing, accounts receivables are an asset that hopefully will soon be turned to cash that will grow the business. They represent products or services that have already been delivered to the customer. However, you can’t spend your receivables until you actually […]

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Sales Strategies: Tools to overcome sales objections

You will likely see many kinds of buyers in your journey to become an elite salesperson; and many of these buyers will be different, value different things, think differently, and respond differently to various behaviors. Consequently, no matter how good you are, you’ll have to deal with buyer objections when trying to sell your product […]

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"GATE gives you the foundation. The teachers were actual business owners—not just business owners but successful business owners. And they were so willing to give you all the information and knowledge that they had—not to just start your business, but to run and maintain your business."

CHERYL WOODLEY | Romance Concierge

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