Greater Richmond GATE has been a powerful opportunity to help all Workforce Investment Act eligible adults, dislocated workers and veterans start businesses in the Greater Richmond Region. The project has operated under the Virginia Employment through Entrepreneurship Consortium (VETEC). The region has a wealth of entrepreneurial opportunities, and Greater Richmond GATE provided all the right ingredients for success.

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How to determine startup costs

QUESTION: I am considering starting a retail sporting goods shop specializing in soccer and related equipment. I am trying to determine initial startup costs, and will appreciate any advice you can offer. ANSWER: To begin, you should develop a written business plan that includes startup and monthly ongoing cash-flow needs. Most new ventures fail because […]

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Don’t Be a Solopreneur. Do This Instead.

If you go with a broad definition of self-employed consultants, contractors, and freelancers, about a third of the American workforce is made up of soloproneurs. For some of you, that might be a reasonable option. But if you dream of having a fulfilling career and achieving financial security, solopreneurship is not the way to get there. Let’s start […]

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"GATE gives you the foundation. The teachers were actual business owners—not just business owners but successful business owners. And they were so willing to give you all the information and knowledge that they had—not to just start your business, but to run and maintain your business."

CHERYL WOODLEY | Romance Concierge

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